What is Helix?
Helix is the next generation of rhythm game for the Nintendo Wii. The idea is simple, follow the robot avatar's dance moves as closely as you can. Sounds easy, right? Helix is a quick game to pick up, but try the harder levels for a real challenge!
When will Helix be released?
  • North America - Summer 2008
  • Europe - Summer 2008
How challenging is Helix?
Helix is one of those games that is "easy to learn, but difficult to master". Anyone, even non-gamers, can start playing Helix right away. No buttons are required - just arm movements. Easy mode is quick to pick up and gives the player a feel for the game. Medium mode starts pushing the player's movements harder and faster than before. The challenging Hard level requires much practice, as the moves will fly out at breakneck speeds.
Are there any special requirements to play Helix?
Two Wii Remotes are recommended to play Helix.     We do offer a gameplay mode designed around one Wii Remote. For the one Wii Remote mode, whichever hand the player is not using, he/she will automatically be given credit for that hand.
Why not use the nunchuk instead of two Wii Remotes?
The nunchuk cable is not long enough to express most of the moves in the game without snapping the cord. Additionaly, in our testing, the cord would get tangled up when doing high-speed moves and sometimes hit us in the face.
How much will Helix cost?
We are still finalizing the price of the game with Nintendo, but we estimate the price to be 1000 Wii Points (about $10 USD).
Is there a multiplayer mode?
Yes and No.

    While we do not offer a dedicated multiplayer mode, we do have an alternative that we feel is very fun. The idea is that each player will hold one Wii remote and be responsible for one hand of the robot. Think of this mode as a cooperative mode.
Will there be a dedicated multiplayer mode in the future?
We are actively looking at adding multiplayer modes. The reason there is no dedicated mode currently is because there is a large performance hit for calculating the movements of more than one player. To give current Helix players the best possible experience, we have chosen to forego this feature.
Those music visualizers are really cool. How do they work?
They are based on software from a group called ProjectM.
A variety of contributors provided music visualization presets for us.
  • "Geiss" - Ryan Geiss - Geisswerks
  • "Rovastar" - John Baker - Music Visuals
  • "Eo.S." - Zoe Ananda
  • "Phat" - Athen Ananda
How do I purchase Helix?
Helix will be available shortly after the launch of Nintendo's North American release of WiiWare. To access WiiWare, enter the Wii Shop Channel and select "WiiWare". Select Helix from the game list and wait for the download to finish. After the download is completed, a Helix channel should appear on your Wii's home screen.
There's a feature I'd like to suggest for future mixes of Helix, how do I tell you about my ideas?
The best way is to e-mail us directly.

You could also join our Facebook group and write on our wall.

Or join our forums.
There's a song I'd like to play, but it's locked. Is there a song unlock code?
    Yes. Enter the following code at the title screen to unlock all of the songs: Using controller 1, hold down button 2 and enter the following sequence: Up Left Down Right A B.
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