This is the support page for Helix.
Here are some common questions and answers for issues you may be having with the game.
Q: Help! The game doesn't give me credit for the moves I'm doing.
A: Be sure you've calibrated your game. You can calibrate from the main menu. When you calibrate, it is stored within your profile, so be sure to switch profiles if another person wants to play. For convenience you can switch profiles from the track selection screen as well as the main menu. Be sure to time your moves properly.
Q: The calibration process does not accept my moves.
A: This is intentional. The calibration process is pretty strict.

It is more strict than when playing the game. The idea is the calibration wants you to do a move fairly accurately. Once a move is performed accurately, it then becomes much easier to perform that move during the game. Be sure to perform your moves naturally (don't "jerk" the Wii remote too fast). Timing is very important to the calibration process, so be sure to watch the move bars as they travelacross the screen.
Q: I've calibrated but I still can't get moves right. What do I do now?
A: Be sure you've performed the moves properly during calibration. Watch what the robot is doing carefully and imitate him. If you get a move wrong 3 times in a row during calibration, then the calibration skips to the next move.

The game automatically downgrades the difficulty of performing the move you were struggling with to Easy. If you are still having trouble, try "Easy" instead of "Normal" during calibration.
Q: The game gives me credit for moves even though I did them incorrectly. Why is this?
A: When you first play, it should be pretty easy to trick the game. This is intentional since we want you to be able to enjoy the game the very first time you've played, without burdening you with going through calibration. Once you calibrate on Normal difficulty, then the game makes it a little bit more strict to perform moves and it customizes itself to the way that you performed moves during calibration.

In essence, you are performing motion capture during calibration, and you are matched against your own motion captured moves afterwards. It should be a little bit harder to trick the game at this point.

Note that if you've calibrated on Easy difficulty then it should be easy to trick the game, but that mode is mostly there as a last resort if you can't get your moves recognized.
Q: I've gone through Normal difficulty calibration and I can still trick the game with my moves. Why?
A: Even if you calibrate on Normal difficulty, there are still certain moves that the game cannot distinguish between. The reason stems from the fact that everyone punches in different ways.

For example, Person A might punch forwards by holding the Wii remote sideways and punch to the left while holding the Wii remote skyward. Person B might do the opposite - he or she might punch forwards while holding the Wii remote skywards and punch to the left while holding the Wii remote sideways.

Internally, the Wii remote uses an accelerometer to track these motions. The accelerometer does not know where it is in space or what direction the Wii remote is being pointed. All it knows is that it was accelerated in the X, Y, or Z direction. So Person A's forward punch and Person B's side punch look nearly identical moves, and making it nearly impossible to tell the difference between the moves.

Rather than requiring that everyone holds the Wii remote in a specific way, we decided the best solution was to allow you to perform moves in whatever way is most natural to you. If you really want to trick the game, we're OK with that, but you will still get a lot of moves wrong

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